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Thursday, October 8th, 2009

When I was watching the telly on the day Obama was taking his vows I realized it was such a moment in history – a black president. I immediately began to draw out his face in real time as he was being inaugurated.

I wanted the stars & stripes in the picture, and then I thought of the Moon landing and how they were in those pictures. 2009 is an anniversary for that time. The two events just came together. I did some research about the American Civil Rights Movement and some of the main heroes are written into the picture.

There is a figure out of the old Jason & The Argonauts film. Where the colossal god comes to life because Hercules has taken something from his tomb. I’ve always been completely fascinated by this bit of genius from Ray Harryhausen – and it seems to fit in with something huge moving in to life which is what this picture is about.

Obamma (2009)

Obamma (2009)

(78cm x 56cm. Felt tips and pilot pens on watercolour paper. Early 2009)