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The Life of a Still Life

Monday, July 27th, 2009

My very first oil painting was done on a small piece of oil painting paper which was around A4 size.

First Oil Painting

When I was up at my Mum’s recently I decided to revisit the objects from this original painting, although I forgot all about the plum ornament.

After I created my reinterpretation in felt tips I felt that it wasn’t enough. I had my MP3 player with me and I listened to ‘Lucy In The Skies’ about 19 times one night in bed.  It inspired me to incorporate some of the lyrics into my ‘Still Life’.

The new piece is a homage to my past, and to one of the greatest bit of Art ever created. See how many of the lyrics you can spot!

Still Life with Plasticine Porter (2009)

Still Life with Plasticine Porter (2009)

(406mm x 305mm; felt tips on watercolour paper. May – June 2009)