Beyond Appearances

The classic abuse situation where everything appears normal on the TV screen, while chaotic forces are raging inside and around.

The toy Corgi and Dinky cars are what I used to buy with money I was given for my silence and complicity. I developed a smokescreen to cover up where I got the money from since my Mum could barely make ends meet and there wasn’t any extra for occasional toys.

The cars became ‘totemic’ and I kept them all in their boxes in a larger box I made and decorated myself. This had car badges on it (stolen from cars) and some my brother brought home from the garage he worked in.

This is the third piece in my Serial Cycle series.

Beyond Appearances (2009)

Beyond Appearances (2009)

(78cm x 56cm; felt tips, pilot pens, gold & silver pens plus, oil pastels and Indian inks on watercolour paper. 2009)

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