Apocalyptic Beast

I think we all have our own personal ‘Armageddon’.  In this piece I have tried to depict  some of the forces released in me that are a direct result of my submerged unrest and anger, which have always been in an uneasy and potentially eruptive state.

I’m trying to break down the walls of my denial, a denial which has caused so much unhappiness and addictive behaviour in my life.

This seven headed beast was in ‘embryo’ form in the preceding picture, but here, in this fourth piece in my Serial Cycle series, it is fully developed.

Apocalyptic Beast (2009)

Apocalyptic Beast (2009)

(78cm x 56cm; felt tips, pilot pens, gold & silver pens plus, oil pastels and Indian inks on watercolour paper. 2009)

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