Malmoth The Wonderer

The first picture in my Serial Cycle series.

The title of this piece come from the  Gothic masterpiece ‘Melmoth The Wanderer’ by Charles Maturin.  It is a novel about the darkness’s of the human soul.

The moth is a ‘Death’s Head’ moth.  I was inspired by the profound symbolism in the film ‘Silence of The Lambs’ to depict this particular moth.  The butterfly/moth symbolically can mean transformation, as well as the soul.  I chose a moth rather than a butterfly as a moth is generally a creature of the night.  Most domestic sexual abuse happens at night.

This is quite obviously a self portrait and I would hazard a guess that anyone who has suffered abuse as a child or indeed at any age will be able to ‘read’ and identify with this image easily.

The Dali/barber’s pole crutches supporting the cage are what they appear – crutches/support and also healing.  Barber’s were also akin to paramedics or first aiders in the past, amateur healers due to the scarcity of doctors – red for blood, white for the bandages.


Malmoth the Wonderer (2009)

(78cm x 56cm; felt tips, pilot pens, gold & silver pens plus, oil pastels and Indian inks on watercolour paper. 2009)

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